Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Foodie Bazaar Short Story

If Bacterialogist Alexander Fleming was still alive to this day, he would had stumbled upon this blog and I am sure he would had found a bloggie mold! and made another discovery to a whole new antibacterial substance or whatever it may be and named it anti-peni-blog. LOL.

Anyway, following the success of Bloggers Bazaar months ago, another Foodie Bazaar was organised on last 25 July 2010. Oh my! I am sure to be the last person to post about the fun-filled Bazaar.

The turn out was awesome! About 200 people came to buy and have fun mingling with friends and family at the Bazaar. I was told a total of 18 vendors took part in the Bazaar - selling food, clothes and handicrafts items too.

Look at my stall, sitting pretty at one corner hehehe =) I was selling Dry Lontong. It is basically the same as the original Lontong, only that this is without the gravy - Lodeh.

Ahhh ... these are not off-springs of Paul the Octopus. No blood connection at all! Tempura Marinated Baby Octopus is created by Master-Chef-in-the-making Thanis. It was selling like goreng pisang! =)

Dry Nyonya Curry Pasta

Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Mini Hotdog Sausage

Lamb and Chicken Steaks

Rose Sandwiches

Young Entrepreneurs

Handmade handicrafts
When will be the next Bazaar? Will it be a mega Bazaar? Stay tune people ...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ciliqueen meets the Pharaoh of Egypt

Attending a gala night means you get to dress-to-kill in beautiful outifts and accessories, especially when it is a themed event. Women obviously have a harder time than men finding what gala dress to wear.

Last Saturday night, the International Women's Club (IWC) celebrated their 22nd anniversary at the Jerudong Polo Club. Besides dinner and show, there was an auction of items (sponsored by various companies) of which all proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group (BBCSG).

Themed "Movie Icons', I was invited to the wonderful and fun evening. Guess what? I bumped into the Pharaoh of Egypt - alive! and kicking good.. hahaha .. and ohh, he had brought along the last Queen of Egypt - Cleopatra. Among other Hollywood and Bollywood movie icons who came to grace the wonderful evening were James Bond, Brad Pitt, Christine and Don .. who? I was stunned when Angelina Jolie came with her partner - P. Ramlee?? Quite an odd match.. hehe

Committee members rendered some great songs and dances from the movies and one 14-year-old girl named Pei Pei caught my full attention when she sang a Bollywood number with her powerful voice! I wished I could have the courage to dance with her .. hehe. Not forgetting a funny Aunty May injected guests with laughters and smiles while performing her unexpected funny antics.

Hmmm .. did you know that I got a lift home from the Pharaoh himself? LOL

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It was Go Pink! Sunday

After last Sunday's Foodie Bloggers' Go Pink! desserts tasting event, my tummy was left bloated with delicious and pounds of calorie-packed desserts. LOL. It was the sweet taste that lingered on my tastebuds for days ... and those 'sugars' must have been flowing amok in my bloodstreams that left me with painful headaches for two nights that I could hang myself upside down from a branch swinging dreamily to relieve that awful headspins.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself on that beautiful Sunday. The weather was kind. Once again, Brunei Foodie Bloggers is in for a worthy cause. This year, Foodie Bloggers worked hand-in-hand with the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Care Group (BBCSCG) in organising a charity fundraising event to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. It was also to launch recipes to collate into a charity book to be published soon. I am sure, whatever we do, we will make a difference to those people who are affected by the cancer itself.

In fact, there are many ways and opportunities to raise money or funds to aid any charity cause. A charity recipe book which is titled Pink! Desserts has been decided and it is a compilation of favorite recipes contributed by Foodie Bloggers and other individuals who were keen to particiapte in the wonderful event. The recipe book is still 'in the making' as I write this post and will be on sale once it is ready. All proceeds from the sale will go to BBCSCG.

It is really rewarding for me when I can see people giving up a little bit of their time to attend the Go Pink! event. You will feel a real sense of pride for helping to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. I met new people and of course plenty of mouthful opportunities to have some fun tasting with those sinful and delicious desserts!

These were among the sinfulicous and delicious spread of desserts on the long table.. most of the desserts showed attitude and character. Well, you just got to be there to see all those DESSERTS!

Avocado Mousse

Super rich chocolate cake

Bahulu pick-me up ...oohh CQ sure did pick you up. LOL

Peanut butter pop

Petite fruit flan cupcakes

Irresistable chocolate cupcakes

Double boiled pears

Aahhh.. this is CQ's entry ~ pengat filled with durians, yam, sweet potatoes and bananas

The winning entry ~ Chocolate Luva cake .. look at that oozzzing molten chocolate lava!

Thanis Lim ~ the man behind the winning cake did a demo on how he baked the luva cakes.

Read more about the Go Pink! event here.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Foodie Bloggers Go Pink

Is there any better way to participate in an activity to support a worthy cause? A charity book. The first project by the Ultimate Foodie Bloggers Challenge 2009 was a success!

2010 sees Brunei Foodie Bloggers Go Pink! in support for the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group.

If you are keen in participating and contributing your favorite desserts recipes, please read here , here and here for more details.
Oh! CQ has definitely submitted her dessert recipe :) .. have you?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lontong without Lodeh

While on food hunts during CQ's recent trip back to the Lion City, CQ found this new dish ~ Lontong Kering (literally it means Dry Lontong) at one of the stalls in the new Geylang Food Court.

Lontong Kering is similar to the original Lontong except that Longtong Kering is served without the lodeh (milky gravy with vegetables, tofu or soyabean cake). It is definitely on CQ's must-cook-recipes in the near future :)

This is the new building for the wet and dry market in Geylang Serai. The famous old building had been demolished to give way to a new one with more stalls and better facilities.. but CQ felt that the old Geylang Serai should have been preserved ... as symbolic as it can be walk down memory lane.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mange Tout?

Little did CQ realise that mange tout was actually a vegetable... hahaha. At first CQ thought it was a kind of fish because the word 'tout' seemed to 'look' like trout! Maybe it's time for CQ to check on my eyesight.

Mange Tout is often refered to as sugarsnap peas or snow peas. The word 'mangetout' means 'eat all' in French. It is great when blanched and tossed in salad dressings, steamed or stir-fried. Mange Tout is extremely versatile and can be eaten raw too in salads.

For dinner tonight, CQ tried a new recipe Chicken Mushroom Cream Pasta with Mange Tout by Senor Pablo. You can get the recipe here.

Try it! You will definitely ask for more :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello 2010

Ciliqueen wishes Everyone a happy & prosperous life ahead in the new year with Love, Success and Peace!