Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Foodie Bazaar Short Story

If Bacterialogist Alexander Fleming was still alive to this day, he would had stumbled upon this blog and I am sure he would had found a bloggie mold! and made another discovery to a whole new antibacterial substance or whatever it may be and named it anti-peni-blog. LOL.

Anyway, following the success of Bloggers Bazaar months ago, another Foodie Bazaar was organised on last 25 July 2010. Oh my! I am sure to be the last person to post about the fun-filled Bazaar.

The turn out was awesome! About 200 people came to buy and have fun mingling with friends and family at the Bazaar. I was told a total of 18 vendors took part in the Bazaar - selling food, clothes and handicrafts items too.

Look at my stall, sitting pretty at one corner hehehe =) I was selling Dry Lontong. It is basically the same as the original Lontong, only that this is without the gravy - Lodeh.

Ahhh ... these are not off-springs of Paul the Octopus. No blood connection at all! Tempura Marinated Baby Octopus is created by Master-Chef-in-the-making Thanis. It was selling like goreng pisang! =)

Dry Nyonya Curry Pasta

Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Mini Hotdog Sausage

Lamb and Chicken Steaks

Rose Sandwiches

Young Entrepreneurs

Handmade handicrafts
When will be the next Bazaar? Will it be a mega Bazaar? Stay tune people ...


AzAzura said...

no contender! i want lontong goreng!

Putri said...

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