Tuesday, May 6, 2008

shortcuts II

CQ's next post is actually not about food but since it is not ready yet, CQ wants to share another shortcut with you hehehe ...CQ always has shortcuts :)

It is easy to prepare as CQ was inspired by the way BinAzmi (above) sauteed his ladies finger like a circus trick during our family's ambuyat affair last 27 April 2008 ...but CQ did some modification hahaha ...macam tukar sport rim huhu

10-15 pieces of ladies fingers - cleaned
3 cloves garlic - sliced
1tbsp olive oil
a dash of black pepper - optional

How you cook:
Heat up olive oil in a pan. Saute garlic till fragrant and brown (err the picture showed burnt garlic - well its crispy not hangus); then add ladies fingers and saute again. A minute later add a dash of black pepper and saute well till half cook. Serve hot ...uuhhhhh la la

p.s. when you saute - means you toss and flip the items in your pan.

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