Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can we have more libraries?

There are not enough libraries in the country. CQ learnt that the only public library available in the Brunei-Muara District is the Dewan Perpustakaan located in the capital. CQ is not too sure about the existence of any library in the other three districts but somehow, CQ was told there is one newly opened in the Belait District...?? hmmm

CQ believed that as the country’s population is growing and more housing areas are being built, there is a need for at least a library in each ‘kampong’ (village) or ‘mukim’ (town). Building a library should be in collaboration with the town’s planning council.

We can see that shop-houses and other businesses are mushrooming around housing and strategic areas, so why not build a library too?

What is a library? It is a public facility. It is a place, room, building or institution where a collection of books, journals, manuscripts, reading materials, newspaper, permitted magazines, records, tapes or anything that are valuable for research purposes or leisure reading. In the modern and up-to-date libraries, one can find collection of software or things for use on a computer – for instance programs or diskettes- and also other range of facilities such as access to electronic databases and audio-visual.

School libraries are meant for students use only. What about those people who are living far away from Dewan Perpustakaan? What about those people who enjoys reading or would like to do their research but are living miles away from that one library??

A library can provide several interesting activities and play an important role in cultivating the passion to read. It can be a place for students to do group study after school hours; research; have events like launching new books by writers, reading/writing essays campaigns, story-telling or spelling-bee contests – at mukim/town/area-level or even district-level; even housewives who love to read can spend their leisure time in the library near their housing areas.

Besides all the above-mentioned, a library can also encourage youths to instill good reading habits, create a bookworm community and improve on the development of their vocabulary or maybe school drop-outs will even be tempted to continue their studies by going for night classes and make use of libraries as their research or resources centre.

Of course the standard rules and regulations of a library will apply to any possible new libraries to be built in housing areas, so as not to allow any unwanted hang-outs or lepak-ing on the premises.

CQ hope there will be more libraries …say in the next three years?? hmmm CQ can’t wait to spend time browsing through library books :)

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