Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Missing Ingredients Quiz

Ahahh ...we are still not finished yet with the Foodies' Bloggers Challenge! huhu - below is excerpt from Senor Pablo's blog ... read on, take part and you can win yummy cakes!!

It is a mystery really. Some chefs love to leave out key ingredients so that they are always superior to their students. A
lmost as if these ingredients were left out on purpose... So, it is a mystery really? What can it be? A hint is to get the book and check out which recipe could it be. Update on books- we are left with 150 copies. Selling like cucur pisang panas! We have no intention to reprint at the moment. You can get them at Shop@Sarah at Qlap Mall or Serikandi at Qlap.

Clues to the Missing Ingredients Quiz? There are three separate recipes in the book that have something missing! You have to go through the 47 recipes to find out and if you are a foodie, it is so obvious. This game is NOT open to the recipe contributors but readers of the My Recipe Book that bought and donated their $10 to our chosen charity!

Clue 1 : a missing ingredient.

Clue 2: Same ingredient of Clue 1 , a different recipe and the amount is just way too much.

Clue 3: Wrong method of cooking.

Tune in to DJ Honey Show on Kristal FM on Friday Morning 8th May 2009. The answers will finally be revealed! Full versions of the three recipes will be uploaded on Senor Pablo's blog after the quiz.

Prizes: Bunny Yummies will sponsor 3 prizes for 3 winners of desserts voucher, each up to $40. Wow! A free cake/dessert of your own choice basically.You can choose from her blog.

More clues on Thursday night... So, better get your copy today so that you win a chance to win goodies from Bunny Yummies!!

Stay tune for the winning results soon ...

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