Monday, May 4, 2009

Latest update . . .

The much awaited recipe book by the Foodie Bloggers is out! Read here to find out more on how you can get a copy. Please do support us ...all proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Special Olympics Committee.

picture of recipe book is taken from here :)

A week has actually passed when the Ultimate Foodies Bloggers' Challenge took place at Senor Pablo's beautiful crib ...and yeah CQ is the last person in Brunei to upload and tell about the story hehee :)

Well better late than not at all here are the pictures CQ managed to click-snap on the eventful day. It was more like a red carpet event for the sinfully-delicious foodies and recipes, not only from the bloggers but other individual contributors. Cool eh! enjoy the pictures!

Roasted garlic and anchovy dip

steamed tofu

veggie quiche ...??

king prawn tomato

chicken salad ...must try, it's easy and simple

chicken ala Bin Khalid

chicken mandressa :)


rose sandwiches

seabass cuts in spoons ...hehe

this is delicious but CQ has forgotten the name (:

It was a perfect Sunday evening to watch some foodies demo by talented young chefs in the garden ...

Winners of the Foodies' Challenge

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