Monday, February 2, 2009

PTE Katok

Yesterday, CQ went to have a look at the newly opened PTE Katok (Form Six Center) in Katok Gadong.

It boasts modern architectural features. Unfortunately, CQ was only able to click-snap from outside the perimeter.

Today, Kimchi registered herself at the PTE Katok. There were more than 200 students who came to register in the morning session. Wow .... but sorry no pictures heheee CQ was so busy talking with the subjects consultants. It was very informative.

Students were interviewed and advised on the options that they can opt for for their 'A' Level subjects - based on their recent 'O' Levels results.

This is to ensure the students have opted for the correct combination of subjects that suit their career path.

Now, all CQ can do is to wait for the result of Kimchi's acceptance into PTE Katok, God's Willing. Amin.

The PTE Katok stadium

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Zoul Tapakuda said...

I took one of ur pics and uploaded it to my blog. I hope you don't mind. =)