Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boss of Me

How would you define success? What are the secret power to success? Success does not mean you just have to excel in academics and earn lots of money BUT to also achieve what you love doing and strive to be that someone respected by society.

To some, success means -

  • Try everything as you only have one life, no rehearsals.
  • Believe in yourself and always be nice.
  • Always give back more than you take.
  • Have passion and everything will fall in place.
  • Don't let adversity get you down, keep going forward.
  • Thrive on challenges, not money.
  • Believe that money and fame should Not be motivating factors.
  • ...and many more secrets that you can unlocked yourself!
CQ came across this book by chance, while waiting for Kimchi to pay for our purchases in a bookstore during our recent trip to Singapore.

Written in simple English, this book tells about people who pursued their dream jobs with dynamic combination of bravery, support from families and friends and lots of drive and determination.

What they had achieved can be done in many different fields and you too can transform your passion into something profitable. Their incredible stories and real-life advice will open up your mind to thinking BiG and out of the box!

Among the movers and shakers in this book include a primary school dropout who turned his life around by becoming a much-sought-after photographer (earning $80,000.00 a day); a female medical researcher who is among Top 50 List of the 2008 World's Most Influential Headhunters and a mobile deejay who was inspired by international deejays and finally rose to his success and deejaying all over Asia, Europe and North America.

The Author - Pearlin Siow started out as a journalist. Currently she is a pilates instructor and still writes for a few local publications in Singapore.

It is a very motivational and inspirational book for everyone to read. You can never know that you can even make millions from just selling curry puffs =)


Boss Of Me! said...

Hi Ciliqueen,

Thanks for the kind words.
Glad you enjoyed Boss Of Me!


CiliQueen said...

Hi Pearlin,

Yes! indeed I like your book! Got few good feed-backs too =)