Friday, August 29, 2008

They deserve a second chance ...

Just few days ago, CQ had an interesting conversation with few friends over coffee at one of the famous Malls.

While enjoying our light snacks and deeply engrossed discussing about courses and other academic issues, CQ could not help seeing a couple of youngsters working as cleaners.

Now! CQ is NOT against the job 'cleaners' ...but do these youngsters have ambitions or perhaps to have a will to better themselves? They may not be smart in the brains but they could excel in practical studies or courses.

CQ knew of a young boy (CQ will name him Mikey) who had dropped out of school at the age of 14 years old! Reason being that he was so shy to be a 'repeater' in Form One. So, till today, he is still out of school, doing only odd jobs available. CQ had seen him washing cars and cleaning tables at a Mall. He is a bright and friendly young chap, though is shy at times when bumping into CQ while cleaning tables.

Is there a second chance for these youngsters to better themselves? Is there any vocational schools that conduct or offers short courses or worshops for them to enrol in? With proper skills acquired, a certificate in hand and a positive attitude, CQ believes these youngsters can find a better employment in the real world.

Short basic courses for beautician, waitering, plumbering, basic clerical or any other courses that are relevant to the market demand, should be made available in order to allow these 'older' school dropouts / leavers or uneducated adults to earn a simple certificate, which will be easier for them when applying for a job. It may even motivate them to further upgrade themseleves and sees at least a little reduction in the unemployment % among youths.

Don't we want everybody to be educated? =)

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