Sunday, June 22, 2008

It happened yesterday..

Late Friday night, Kimchi and CQ had a long-distance call from Bigboss - who is in Makkah for umrah during this two weeks of school holidays with the Arab-Families siblings and other family members. Everyone is fine (yup! we missed Bigboss ok) and had full of activities with ziarah families and many of Islamic historical sites.

Yesterday morning, Kimchi and CQ were invited for an early breakfast with Mdm. NoorW with her little Fizza @Einstein.

Ohh yes! Fizza @Einstein is only four years old yet she can be so inquisitive and kiddily rebut to what-so-ever you talk about with her if you are talking to a 4+0 year-old hehehe. We had breakfast at the Restaurant Amanah Harith in Jerudong.

Anyway, below are some shots that we took along Jerudong 'city'.

It was at a traffic light junction when CQ thought we were crossing into a Honshu or Tokyo city zone hehe... this pink-flowered tree looked like a sakura tree - sekali we were infact still in Jerudong city huhu.

Then this tree - along the Jerudong road- with its messed-up loosely branches caught CQ's attention. Now! could this be Brunei's very-own Tarzan's dwelling place?? lols ...he must have gone for food hunting yeah :)) ada-ada saja si CQ ani ehh

Ok this drum barrel has a 'go left' sign on it CQ followed lah..then this was what Kimchi and CQ saw - see below ahh!

A zinc shed with a scrapped-for-life mini-van ..and few more drum barrels. CQ is sure you readers know where this place is ..yeah?? huhu

Aaahhh we also saw road cyclists doing their morning cycling routine along the Jerudong-Muara Highway.

After that we went home and kaput ...and we forgot to see the Spray Painting Exhibition! at the Mall ...arrgghhh :((

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