Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Big Thank You

CQ would like to say her heartfelt big Thank You to Traffic Police (TP) rider 3283 for the assistance he had rendered early this morning (21 November 2009 @ about 8.00AM) while CQ was waiting for Bigboss to 'rescue' her. CQ's car tyre had punctured along the Police Station's perimeter in Gadong.

After CQ had dropped Kimchi off at PTE Katok, CQ decided to drive home slowly and tuned in to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Ten minutes later, rumbling noises were heard and the car seemed to be inbalance on the front. Assuming, it must be a tyre puncture, CQ drove to another 50 meters ahead before making a stop on the side road and putting on the emergency lights on.

It had never occured to think that CQ would have the 'chance' to experience a tyre puncture. After making calls to Bigboss and a friend, CQ waited patiently. There was an urge to flag down one of the passing cars but CQ opted out from doing so. It was quite disheartening though, to know that not even one of the many passing cars would stop to find out or render any assistance needed.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a TP rider pulled up in front of CQ's car. Without any hesitaion, this TP rider asked for the car jack and started to change the tyre. Half an hour later, after Bigboss had arrived at the scene, another TP rider 4499 stopped to render his colleague any extra assistance.

Felt like a VIP, CQ can't get enough to thanked both Traffic Police riders, especially TP 3283, whom CQ believed had just started his morning duty, yet his uniform had already got dirtied. A thoughtful deed by the Public Servants.

Once again, THANK YOU very much to both TP riders 3283 and 4499.

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