Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finally we met ..

Still very much in the festive moods, many Open Houses are taking place around the country. Spreads of delicious and calories-boosted food are being served to induce Raya guests to linger on a little bit more in celebrating the Eid Mubarak.

Last Saturday, CQ finally got to meet a little girl - Safiya Imani and her brother - Syafi Irfani, in their new house in Kampong Selayun. Both brother and sister are CQ's youngest blog follower and they do have a blog of their own.

LinkSafiya Emir meets Safiya Imani - we share the same first name :)

CQ's special guests, Iraqi-Swiss - Ikhlas and Omar, flew in on the eve of Syawal to experience Eid Mubarak for the first time in Brunei Darussalam.

Family and friends at CQ's crib :)

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AzAzura said...

Alamak Laparlah... i wish i could be there for your makan session :(
thanks for your sweet words.i miss you so much but lately I had been so busy which is good :).I have so many things to tell you name is work or personal.Oh thanks for getting a copy of saji thus supporting me ...Speak soon .Love you loads x