Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yes, if it isn't Beracun and Pachik

Comic mayhem ensues or erupts uncontrollably whenever this duo makes an appearance at any functions. You can never have enough of their impromptu jokes and interactions with their audience.

When CQ first met this comic duo for the first time, they reminded CQ of the legendary duo - Jerry Lewis and Steve Martin.

Kumpulan 69 - Pachik (left) is an uncle figure to his partner-in-crime - Beracun (right), a heshe who likes to woo good-looking guys with his cheeky-fun antics ... "I like tooohhh .." Anyone can be a victim just by having eye-to-eye contact with Beracun. LOL.

It is quite surprising to know that they had actually been in the local entertainment scene since 2003. They were one of the five finalists in a competition, where Kumpulan 69 emerged as the winners and that led to their first appearance in a local drama 'Sindir-sindir sayang'.

In reality, Beracun and Pachik can be serious ..but when they go on stage, they can be mood-shifters with their super-mega-watt funny antics that you can get jaw-stroke laughing your hearts out. You just got to see... to believe!

CQ like tooohh :)) ...


PainQler said...

Yes, PQ have seen their funny act at our annual dinner recently..

They are indeed a funny duo..
That time they team up with Dang kasom which makes the audience tak senang duduk ketawa berabis..

They make our annual dinner a day to not to forget..

CiliQueen said...

Yes end up with your jaws jammed

But if their audience is very sporting, it will be more FUNNIER!