Monday, July 27, 2009

Hawaiian Night

The Theme was Hawaiian Night. Guests who came on the night of 25 July 2009 - were sportingly great in dressing up and created tidal waves of fun at the Serikandi Q-Lap Restaurant. So, what's the occasion?

It was a birthday bash for Senor Pablo. CQ was overwhelmed when Senor Pablo extended his invitation to CQ to celebrate our birthdays at the restaurant with families and friends.

Mr. ArabFamilies aka BinKhalid and Mr. LV aka Wais in their smashing Hawaiian outfits huhu ...

The Daboys were cool with Fejj and Marshmallow Boy made their HAwaiian-like head gear with fresh flowers. Funboy slipped a flower on his right ear - so cute eh :) ..hmm as Syam, he was cool in his floral shirt too.

Ahhh look at this table! They did dress-to-kill. Liza and Ida even wore floral bracelets on their wrists. Thumbs up for you guys :))

At any event, there is always something likely to happen, right? Well, CQ got to meet with CQ's former lady boss huhu ..yup! the lady on the far left. She looked gorgeous in her lime green baju kurung!

Ahhh this is Senor Pablo's birthday cake - profiteroles - made specially by beloved Bunny Pablo.

picture courtesy of Mr. Kurapak Guy :)

CQ got a cake too huhu - it was an assembly of vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes with fresh mango topping!! made by the Pablos, yummy. Thank you so much.

Yes! if it isn't the comic duo - Beracun and Pacik that made the party alive with their endless fun-craze antics and jokes. Roars of laughters and waves of giggles erupted that night. CQ's facial muscles and jaw were jammed at the end of the party huhu.

There were contests - Hawaiian dance, hula-hoop dance and the Best Dressed Male & Female.

You got to be there to see the contestants (above) with their hilarious yet creative dance steps to the beat of Hawaiian song.

Poco-poco dance is a must huhu...

Mr. Hawaii and Ms Hawaii
Best Dressed Male & Best Dressed Female

Group photo

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