Monday, April 6, 2009


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Where is the Mak Andam??

After their Akad Nikah, this elegant couple were led to the specially decorated dais to pose some memorable pictures with families and friends.

When attending to weddings as such, CQ loves to see how these blissfully couples pose for their pictures. Usually professional photographers are hired to capture beautiful and awesome poses of the Mister & Missus, choreographed by the Mak Andam or her assistant (lady-in-waiting).

Sadly for the above couple, the Mak Andam has rushed off before the photo-taking session begins. Though brilliantly dressed in their Akad Nikah costumes ...unfortunately, the above wedded couple were not assisted to pose nicely on the dais. They looked helplessly awkward standing on the dais with a kaku (stiff) pose.

Hello Makcik Mak Andam ...where were you? You were suppose to guide the couple how to do some nice poses and not just leave them stranded on their own ...huhuu - you are fired!

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