Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rugged with Korando!

When you buy something new, you ought to put it to a test, right? Therefore, CQ's Korando is being tested with some rugged long road trip to Kuching ..huhu

Along the journey, Bigboss, Kimchi and CQ encountered countless of oohhhs, aahhhhs and weeees hahaha ...what's that? Well, the roads are not that smooth but driving Korando gave us the thrills and adrenalin rush at most of the time.

Enjoy the pictures ...

The queue at the Sungai Tujoh immigration checkpoint was fine - no waiting.

Along the highways to Bintulu, we saw many long trailers and other heavy vehicles.

Palm trees

These trees have the so-ghostly look

A mosque along the Bintulu highway

A primary school

After a journey of 207km in 3 hours from Miri town, we finally arrived at Bintulu at about 2.30pm. We had our light lunch at a Lesung Restaurant in the Commercial District area.

WOW! This sign board is displayed just at the entrance to the restaurant hahaha

Teh Tarik Dangdut!!

French Toast Cheese

Roti Canai Robinhood? That's the name huhu ..

Our Korando got mental breakdown! Jeles lahh ..she wanted to have a 'drink' at the nearby workshop pulak ...and cost CQ RM75!

One of the many longhouses we saw along our journey

Oh! a few areas experienced landslides - maybe due to the recent heavy rain

long roads aahead

Alhamdulillah we arrived Sibu approximately at about 8pm - after a tiring drive of 213km from Bintulu. It took us about 3 hours.

Looking around for a hotel to spend the night before continuing our onwards journey to Kuching. We decided on RH Hotel. Clean. Safe. Cheap!

Good Night!

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Daniel Yoleh said...

Wow CQ, grats on getting your new car :) The cafe food looks simply irresistible. Have an enjoyable trip ^^