Friday, February 13, 2009

Mommy says ...

.. be smart! When you are tending to your everyday-never-ending house chores, it can take most of your time and you end up with little or no quality time for yourself!

With young toddlers or children to care and attend too, you will have to make extra efforts in keeping minimal mess around the house huhu .. thus CQ wants to share a few tips hehee .. err especially for mommies without helpers =)

Easy meal times
Young children are bound to make a mess during meal times. Once they finish their meals, bits of rice or food will be scattered on the floor with-in one-metre radius from where the child has been eating. So, why not spread the floor with old newspapers? Then all you have to do after your child had his/her meal is gather up and throw the papers away, without you getting down on your knees to wipe up the mess!

Glass act
Cleaning up broken glasses can be so malas (lazy) ehh. Usually you will slip on rubber gloves and pick up the big shards, right? Then wet a few paper towels and wipe across the floor to catch splinters. Oppps! No paper towels?? Then try using moistened bread! huhu ...

Clutter control
Sometimes you don't have the time to even clean your living room. Thus, TV advertisement breaks will help you to complete the task in small doses. An hour-long drama usually has three to four breaks, so you can pick up your children's toys or the newspaper and magazines back to where they belong; wipe surfaces with a damp cloth or pick up bits of rubbish that had fallen on the carpet. By the time the show is over, you may already be vacuuming the floor!

... and when the children are having their daytime nap, you can enjoy updating your blog huhu ..

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