Saturday, January 24, 2009

wOw at 44

Without a single clue, Mdm. Tiff got her 44th surprise birthday celebration at the newly opened Serikandi Cafe & Restaurant in Kiulap last night.

Close families and friends were there to witness the ever-so-cool birthday lady blowing candles on the cuppies-cum-birthday cake with hubby ~ BinKhalid by her side (always there one lehh).

Thanks to Senor Pablo, CQ finally got eye-to-eye with sassy Sasmonroe and adorably cute Maurina and not forgetting E. @Foodietales.

Oooo there was a bloggers camp corner too huhu ..many of whom are the creme de la creme of bloggers ~ Liza, Nonnie, Iskandar, Kurapak duo ~ Alin & Wandi, Rano and few others which CQ could not recognise =) sowiee ..maybe next time CQ will don a chili suit with a tiara heheee.

After filling up our empty stomachs, we were entertained with hilarious jokes by Kumpulan 69 - that jaws were almost jammed with laughter!


Foodie Tales said...

Hello Ciliqueen - it was good to have finally met you. Hope we can catch up more next time. E.

CiliQueen said...

Hi E ~ yes, we sure will meet again..