Tuesday, January 27, 2009

eYe the Mee Siam

It's raining outside.

It is so sad with all that has happened in the past few days ~ flash floods in many areas, blackouts and traffic disruptions ..and what really shocked CQ was the tunnel mentioned here - got drowned by the heavy rain?? Isn't that a pity?

Okiee ...CQ is not an Engineer but Brunei roads deserve good drainage and sewerage system plus alternative back-up plans in store or something like that - in order to face or deal with any similar disaster. Relevant people should be able to anticipate what's forthcoming ...

Side tracking ~ fireworks can be heard in a distant ...actually, CQ wanted to share a recipe - Mee Siam. While making a stop at one of CQ's 'jalan-jalan cari makan' hunts in the Lion City, CQ tried the Mee Siam at Kampong Glam Cafe, located near Arab Street. It got 7/10. Not bad.

If you ever reach here - try the lempuk durian too - only $3.50 - sedappp!!

Here's the recipe from CQ's personal cook book huhu ..


1 packet of bee hoon - soaked
5 tofu - diced (small) and fry
$1.00 bean sprout - cleaned
$0.50cents of daun kucai - cut into length of 1 inch
5 calamansi - cut into halves
a bowl of sambal (cooked cili paste)
5 hard-boiled eggs - cut into halves

Prepare the gravy like this:
Put half of the sambal in a pot and sautee with dried shrimps (pounded), tauchoo (black soya beans), tamarind paste, sugar and add water to half level of the pot. Season to taste.

Originally, the gravy should be a little sweet but you can adjust accordingly to your taste buds.

How to fry the white bee hoon into red colour =)
Sautee 2 tbsp of the sambal, add a cup of water, salt to taste. Bring to boil. Add bean sprouts. After a while add the bee hoon and fry well till dry ...not too dry ahh.

Have fun trying or just enjoy reading =)

Finally, the Singapore Flyer or Eye is in operations again. Urggghhhh ...it is a little too late! A week late! It was shutdown after the 2008 pre-Christmas fire that trapped passengers for hours high up in the sky.

CQ snap-clicked this view from a roof-top - somewhere in Arab Street.

Night view from the Pan-Island Expressway

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