Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dinner dates

This is an overdue post and it's all about food. CQ and family had dinner dates at the following impiana cribs huhuu ...

@ Sams'

Mr. Sam cooked up a simple chicken dish. The ingredients included onions, garlic and red chillies plus grilled chicken!

simply delicious

Mrs. Sam cooked her best ikan asam pedas ...not so pedas tho' hehehe

@ LadyRider's

Woweee Ladyrider prepared a spread of yummy dishes that night (2 weeks ago hehe). There were beef stew, sauteed bean sprouts, fish that was panggang-ed, fried sambal tempe, fried salted terubuk (it's a fish with many bones) and of course not forgetting CQ contributed the infamous fried naked chicken huhuu ..

these were the belanak fish that were panggang-ed =)

@KB with BinAzs'

That night we had dishes prepared by CQ's mommy-inlaw and BinAz =)

freshly sauteed bean sprouts with pea beans?

the show-stopper-dish - BinAz's super-duper grilled chicken
...it was gone within minutes!

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AzAzura said...

those food looks yum yummy!I hope you are well, sorry , i havent been here for a while been really busy with life and love.Hope you are well...looking at this food is making me hungry now! mwah mwah!-loads of love from kuala Lumpur