Friday, November 7, 2008

Bready cake

Bigboss had blasting birthday surprises in the office yesterday ...errr but sowiee no pictures were taken as all of them were busy feasting on nasi beriyani chicken!! waaahhh so lucky ehh!

Well actually Bigboss had planned the sedekah to his office colleagues ..and little did he realised he got 3 surprises ~ 3 birthday cakes from 3 different sections of his department.

When Bigboss got home ...hehehe another birthday bready-cake was waiting for him. Yeah ...since CQ does not bake, the blueberry custard bun is good enough to be a 'cake' hehehe ...see the big 5-0 smile on his face =)

taa daaa close-up view of the special bready-cake =)

Since, Kimchi was down with bad sore throat and slight fever and she still has 'O' Levels exam papers in this couple of days, CQ prepared Bigboss 'last minute' favorites. The fusion spaghetti and 'topless' fried chicken marinated in Italian herbs.

The topless fried chicken ...hehehe why is it called topless?? becoz the chicken were not coated with bread crumbs or any other flour that will make the chicken look like wearing baju (clothes) ...lols (Bigboss termed it that way...not CQ)

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