Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Memoirs of Marina

Panggung Marina was at her peak time and alive with movie-goers and among residents in Seria since the early 60's.

Legendary movies like 'Madu Tiga' and 'Masam-masam Manis' featuring the late P. Ramlee and the 1971 Hong Kong martial arts-action film 'The Big Boss' starring Bruce Lee were screened at this nostalgic cinema.

Hmmm now CQ wonders if Bigboss had gotten his nickname from Bruce Lee's first major film?? huhu ...

The Big Boss film

CQ does not know the the history of Panggung Marina, but Bigboss has been remisniscing about the cinema. Bigboss related how he, his siblings and friends enjoyed going to the cinema to see movies during those years.

There were also mischievious and hilarious experiences related to CQ but CQ will not spill out here so as not to embarrass those involved. But CQ is positive that those memoirs will lingers on in the minds of those yester-years boys and girls in Seria Town. You know who you are.

It is said that famous Malay and Bangsawan actors like Wahid Satay, Mat Sentol, S. Samsuddin and many more... would also make apearances during the screening of famous Malay movies in the 60's and 70's.

The roof top had been a playground for those who were very fond or 'attached' to the aged old building.

Ahaaa ...CQ believed that these two windows hold several past memoirs ...you know lah, if cant you get tickets or they were sold out, where to enter? hehe ...oppsssie daisy!

Anyway, CQ heard that a new modern Cineplex will replace the defunct Panggung Marina. This will be a major attaction with many other facilities for the residents in Seria Town and locals from other districts too. ....yeeehhh. So let's wait and see ....

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