Friday, October 10, 2008

Ciliqueen goes raya again ...

CQ continued with the raya visitings again today, in KB as there were some must-go-to houses have not been 'covered' huhu know lah orang tua-tua (old folks) nanti marah-marah ehh hehehe.

Besides, CQ and family were invited to two open houses read on yeah =)

House #1 ~ Palace

CQ & Kimchi with BinKhalid and his guests - Elda and Emre

CQ was rather early at the's crib hehee CQ was able to eat as much as CQ can lol.

Since not all 'warungs' were ready, CQ managed to grab some of CQ's favorites ...

Chicken Briyani

What were on CQ's plate ...tempting right? huhu

err this soto ...sowieee it can't match CQ's soto maah =) hehee

Bigboss with his nephews and nieces

House #2 ~ House of Gembo

It was at Pg Azmi @Gembo's house that CQ got the chance to meet few other Top bloggers huhu ... Gembo himself, beautiful Princess Nashwa @KBHappening, bubbly Nonnie @Spiritual Garden, Your Greatness @Iskandar World and young =) Vance Tan. Oh yes, CQ met Mrs Gembo too ~ a sweet and friendly lady =)

We were so kecoh lah hehehe ...and yeah we did talk and of course click-snap pictures for posting on blog huhuhu.

House of Gembo served pasta, soto and few other dishes. The above picture is a plate of pasta prepared by Gembo himself.

It was delicious ..but somehow CQ was shy lah to have seconds lols ...maybe next time yeah =)

Gembo said something about his soto Singapore ...hmmm CQ tried a bowl of his soto. Verdict? Honest comment? A good try =) and ohh lala CQ loved the sambal cili very much ~ it is pedas! but not so for CQ huhu.

Before heading to Gembo's house, CQ & family made a visit to the home of Sensei of Karate ~ Malai Hj Mohammed in Kampong Pandan.

Sensei Mohammed has been teaching karate for more than forty years ...wooww cool

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