Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bling-bling your tootsies

So you did not listen to what an expert say on how to buy a good pair of shoes! hehehe ..CQ is no expert maahh but CQ would like to share some tips (macam betul aje).

When buying shoes, make sure there's half an inch space at the end of the shoe. Your toes should be able to wriggle freely in the shoe. Of course most women would love to wear killer heels to match with the outfits. Where got class when wearing baju kurung with tonnes of bling-blings or katok with flatties ..right?

Anyway, if you need to wear heels all day, do make sure to find time to let or allow your feet to breathe every other hour and do keep a a pair of flip flops handy to wear ...during breaks.

But hey! what's that stinking smell ehh? Waaah whose feet smell so like want to puke? Yup, after hours of wearing heels, your feet tend to 'smell smell' ...CQ does not know why smell but CQ has a ten-cents-worth tip to share hee hee ...

Try soaking your feet with tea. Yes, the tea that you always drink ..err but minus sugar and milk, OK!. Blend tea bags or sachets with warm water in a pail and soak your feet for at least an hour. It is said that tea can absorb the toxic or whatever that cause your feet to smell. CQ did try a couple of times ...and no more smelly feet huhu.

Besides, you can try a simple vitamin-enrichd exfoliant for your tootsies. Take time to pamper your feet with a strawberry foot scrub. This is also good for those with dry and cracked feet.

You need about eight strawberries, lightly mashed. Combine with 3 tablespoons of kosher salt and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a small bowl. Massage mixture into feet, scrub well, rinse and dry off. But do take note that overblending may leave you with a runny and watery scrub. hmmm CQ haas yet to try it out ...and please, do rest your feet well. Do not over-work those foot muscle lahh ....

Woww... now you can smell strawberry-powered-scrub delish tootsies everywhere hehehe ....

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