Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who is to be blamed??

Road safety is everyone's responsibility. This is a gentle reminder to CQ and readers of this blog. Pictures speak for themselves.

CQ was driving towards Mumong last Sunday when CQ saw this two cars 'kissed'. Obviously, it looked like a 'NO-give-way' accident.

Anyway, CQ also saw a child laid back on the side of the road - bleeding while awaiting for arrival of medical help.

In a different situation ...

As a parent, CQ is quite disturbed with this picture. This happened a few weeks ago and was not the first time!

Where were the teachers or guardians? Yes, the teachers were also taking part in the morning run or walk around the residential housing vicinity ..but these less-stamina teachers were staggering among or in between the hyperactive children!

These two young girls were standing on the road, obviously waiting for their teachers ...and a car passed by! Who will the parents of these girls blame, should there be ...?? You readers can finish up CQ's sentence!

No doubt this school is Not situated on a busy road, BUT when out of the school premises, danger lurks everywhere in any forms. Handling young children, especially when outing on foot as in the above pictures, needs stricter supervisions, discipline and patience.

... *sigh* ...

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