Friday, August 22, 2008

Shattered dreams

It was a total upset on the tracks at the Beijing Olympics.

Last night, among the favorites to win medals in the 4X100m events, giants ~ USA Men's and Women's team somehow had blundered themselves to shame. Both teams did not qualify for the finals.

Was it by choice, human error or just an unfortunate incident? The men's team was disqualified beause the passing of baton between the 3rd and 4th runner was done just outside the permitted yellow box. Meanwhile, the women's team dropped the baton at a point after the 3rd runner passed it to the anchor runner. Who was at fault?

Anyway-hoohoo, the Finals of the Women's 100m event was an 'all blacks' affair. What made it more thrilling and exciting was that all the medals (gold, silver and bronze) were swept by the Jamaicans runners yeah =)

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