Thursday, May 8, 2008

still in the mood ...

Notice anything wrong with these two pictures (above & below)??

This morning, I sent my VW Polo for the first servicing and re-programming of the don't-know-what the mechanic was referring to ...must be the computer thing in the car hehehe.

I think this is the ONLY show- room that is still in the mood to celebrate CNY. CNY has long gone months ago yet you can still see lanterns and banners of CNY deco still up hanging nicely here and there.

Upon settling my bills an hour later, I asked the cashier ...

CQ: So all of you are still in the mood of CNY *grinning*

Cashier: huh?? don't know lah. They never ask we all to bring it down we leave it bah ..

I then thought who are the 'they' that the cashier was referring to?? hmmm could be the Bosses?? kwang kwang kwang

It was not so busy because I did not make any appointment for my car's servicing ..just walked in and tried my luck. I can see most of the staff were just laxing around, talking or telling stories among themselves but none has the initiative to act on something useful like removing the decors.

Must you wait for the BOSS to instruct? Need orders is it? hmmm your year end appraisal will be lessened by 40% haaaa... now that I mentioned about appraisal, I was wondering if incomplete appraisal by the boss, can a staff still be entitled to his/her year end bonus???

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CQ saw this colourful bus-stop at the Mail Processing Centre
..but nobody queue :)

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