Saturday, May 3, 2008

Somewhere along Seria ...

Seria is a 'pekan' in the Belait district. 'Pekan' means a small town. The people here consists of mixed communities with large numbers of expatriates and locals of various ethnic background.

Minaret of the Seria Mosque sitting stunningly against the backdrop of clear blue sky. Pekan Seria Mosque is the first mosque in Brunei to have a dome in its architectural design.

Three of the many largest cooking pots you can find in Seria ...hehehe just kidding! these are ..err CQ can't remember the name :) ohh well when something so easy, CQ has difficulty in ingat-ing hahaha ..but these are used for storing crude oil ..

Seria is the heart of oil industry in Brunei and the first discovery of onshore oilfeild in 1929, is said to be in Seria.

The following three pictures are of the same structure but were taken from different angles ...

this structure is in Lumut

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