Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Phantom 3

This is an artwork that was hanging on one of the walls in one VIP's house that CQ went to - hmmm invited through a third party hehehe fancy huh!

Well, since the two people who accompanied CQ were too 'galat' to take photo with the VIP, CQ had to pretend to be 'galat' lah hahaha ...and end up snap-click this artwork!!

CQ don't know what meaning lies behind this artwork. There are many assumptions that can be derived from this artwork ...right?

CQ will let you ponder about it ...if you want to OK ...meanwhile, CQ called it 'The Phantom 3'.

p.s. galat means segan in standard Malay language, literally means shy in English.


Senor Pablo said...

This is a typical Peruvian painting. Man and hats with musical instruments. I got one in my home office. Usually three in number of persons. I bought it in Peru! The paintings never show face. I don't know why. I called my painting MUAFAKAT cos it looks like they are in agreement over something! U can check the painting next time u come to my home, at the attic!

CiliQueen said...

Ohh the painting is so mystical! I kept on glancing at it while i was there..on a different note, it seems to be a 'cross-bred' of Zorro (the cape) & MJ (the hats - remember Thriller?) ..will check out the one U have next time :) TQ