Thursday, May 15, 2008

Non-dieters haven ...

... if you are or thinking of losing pounds, then do not continue reading this post!

Or you may be asking 'Is getting in-shape important for my lifestyle? hey! heLLO! 'Round' is shape! Be thankful enough if your shape is not Hexagon!!! huhu ..

Strictly for those who loves and enjoy cakes, desserts, finger food or sinfully delicious delicacies ..yet YOU can still stay healthy and maintain your precious well-endowed figure.

Remember this kitchen? Look at these cakes!! *drool* ..yooo yuhooo don't you let your saliva roll down the sides of your mouth while reading CQ's blog ok! lols...

CQ can't remember the names of these beautiful and tasty cakes can check them out here.

This cake is a really for those who have sweet tooth. CQ likes the crunchiness of the pastry which compliments the yellow custard 'pureed' with passion fruit - see the seeds scattered on top?

It is so sweet that you are to enjoy with black coffee or cappucino - sitting on your patio or backyard garden ..or maybe serve them for high-tea with friends but don't forget to invite CQ lols ...

Such a darling cake! Bigboss loves this one is not too sweet and has a soft sourish taste. Diabetics can enjoy but not tooo much!

The top layer has a meringue -like taste. The whitish colour must be the cream and the greenish layer is so nice. It has a nutty taste, which CQ thought must be almonds ...well CQ did not have time to checked it out - becoz gobbled it down too quickly and were too engrossed describing the taste to Bunny :))

hmmm these two pieces are for Bigboss and Kimchi ...CQ is so tempted to just eat them up! hehehe.

You can enjoy this lovely cake piece when sitting by the window and watch the world goes by and sipping your hot tea or coffee.

These apple pies have just been out from the oven ..phewww must been hot in there heheh. Can you see the 'window' effect?? that's the 'louvres' in apple pies ..huhu what is CQ talking about? Oh well, you will have no time to ask when you are eating these pies.

Snow of icing sugar as decor huhu ...these are great for high-teas or children's party as finger food.

Now this is more like sate style but instead of using the normal sate wooden sticks, Bunny had used lemon-grass stalks to hold the chicken patties wrapped around them.

The dip is sweet and has a spicy zing. It is best when eaten hot. Another creative idea that you can serve when hosting any events or functions at home.

p.s. CQ got approved 'visa' to post these exclusive pictures even b4 Bunny's Yummies does ..huhu

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