Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

A mother is a rose whose petals are soft ..
A mother is a lily whose stem is tall and strong ..
A mother is a person who is never wrong and ..
A mother is a person you should love forever ..

She was the one person who carried me to full term, who sang me lullabies and paid attention to my cries during the long nights. She was my mother.

It is hard growing up without her being there for me, to love, to care, to listen to my woes and frustrations, to guide and teach what mothers usually do. Watching other kids with their mothers makes me crave for a mother's love which i never knew.

* * * * * *

Mother-in-law is not only a mother but also a friend and confidante.

The secret of being a mother is full of joy, fears and hopes!

Mrs. Sam, Bunny Pablo, Sherry, Mdm Rose, Mdm Tiff, Mdm Jarah,
Ladybiker, CQ :) & Beya

There are no specific criteria or rules on how to be a good mother. It is a process of life. You go through ups and downs too. It is through experience that you become a better you and find new challenges, be positive, be patient, say and do wonderful things for your family, instill good if not excellent qualities of life; guide through happy and sad moments with your loved ones and above all learn by asking the peers.

In today's world, motherhood is no more confined to domestic affairs. They play important roles in contributing to the ever-challenging society. Mothers of this century are career-minded and ambitious.

In juggling their time between family and career, a percentage of today's modern mum, still have time to enjoy what they love to do - be it window shopping, try out new fashion, be a sports freak and enjoy a night's out with girlfriends.

Remember! The hand that rocks the cradle, may rock the world! Though at times, she may not be the best of friends, may not agree to our thoughts but she is still our mother.

Ask yourself...have you put aside enough time to listen to her 'blues'?? Be tactful, say you love her, show her due respect and appreciate your mother - don't take for granted. There is no substitute for her.

You don't know it is worth until it's gone. Once gone, only fond memories of the past and also regrets will be left. So LOVE your mothers well.

CQ wishes all young mothers, veteran mothers, soon-to-be-mothers, mothers-in-laws, foster mothers and step-mothers... A Happy Mothers' Day!


Anonymous said...

Hi CQ. Stumble upon your blog - nice blog btw. Oh btw, happy mother's day to you too & every women out there. i think you're so pretty CQ. looks so young, how old are you anyway?

CiliQueen said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for ur kind compliments and wishes. hmmm how old? ..make a guess :)

AzAzura said...

Happy mothers day! I know... it is hard to be a other especially to someone as complex as me.Nicely written kudos to you mommy!

CiliQueen said...

Thank you Azura...hmm you're not complex, special is the word ..xoxo