Tuesday, May 20, 2008


CQ is not sure which species this bird belongs to - but on a guessing game, CQ believes it is a member of the heron family. Some are called egrets or bitterns.

Although the herons group resemble birds in some other similar-looking bird families, such as storks, ibises or the spoonbills, they differ as in flying styles - with necks retracted instead of outstretched.

Herons are mostly associated with wetlands and prey on fish, frogs and other aquatic species. You can see many of them along the stretch of Seria and Panaga and scattered on greens in the country.

footloose-ing heron

This long-necked and long-legged beauty with its long yellow beak enjoying its footloose walk on this rain-soaked land.


Hazim Lee said...

and did you know birds are the closest thing related to trex? I will tell you more about it when I'm in Brunei. hehe Btw. if you look at the picture, the bird's knee is facing towards the back instead of infront like all mammals do. such a strange way for these creatures to walk like that hehe.

CiliQueen said...

well, to have that kind of knee is unique & the way they walk is so like a ballerina :) ..oh my! trex huh? must be the flying dino-bird yeah?? Ok CQ wants to hear ur stories about trex & heron = cousins?? hehe