Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tea anyone?

When CQ first tried this so-called special tea - {a mixture of brown sugar or gula Melaka (think so), either santan or milk (also not sure) and thick portion of blend tea} ..CQ fell for the drink instantly.

Some people called it special tea or 'teh 3-rasa'. Very often, CQ would order this special tea. You can order it hot or cold. CQ prefers cold - it's very refreshing.

Then one fine day , about few weeks ago, CQ and family went to this newly-opened restaurant with red themed interior deco in Kiulap.

We asked for the 'teh 3-rasa' but was shown to one 'tea' as stated in the menu, so we ordered with confidence thinking that the tea is its version of the famous special tea.

But little did we know that the 'teh 3-rasa' (pictured above) turned out to be different! The 'teh 3-rasa' is actually a concoction of blended tea, lemon plus 'samboi'. We could not helped it but to LOL :)

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